Propeller Shannon 2018 Alumni Companies

Cohort One



Belgrade, Serbia

Founders: Slobodan Vuckovic & Sonja Ravic

AirDB are addressing the pilot shortage issue in aviation industry – their talent acquisition platform is powered by AI and Machine Learning to match the best talent with their open positions; it streamlines the hiring process including the verification procedures with real-time flight hours tracking.


Madrid, Spain

Founders: Marc Chicarro & Juan Robisco

AVIAZE is smartphone app for General Aviation pilots that turns a smartphone into a connected blackbox. With no mechanical interface with the aircraft, AVIAZE algorithms process and sends in real time GPS data, Engine settings estimations and G's. Not only focused on safety reasons, AVIAZE is creating the first community of GA pilots to share, challenge and gamify the activity of light aviation flying.

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black bear logo (1500x400).png

Black Bear Software,

Limerick, Ireland

Founders: Alan Dormer

Black Bear is a software company developing a cloud platform for capturing and analysing IoT sensor data. Tailored for supply chain and asset management systems, we provide insight and transparency for ‘on the ground’ operational processes within the Aviation maintenance, repair, & overhaul (MRO) sector. Our solutions, which include real-time location and conditional monitoring, helps companies to utilize critical assets such as tools, parts, and equipment; increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs.


Block Aviation,

dublin, Ireland

Founders: John Roberts & Simon Mullaney

BlockAviation is a smart contract platform for aircraft asset managers. The smart contracts are designed to monitor and certify all interactions with the aircrafts assets. This data is shared amongst the lessor value chain using permissioned blockchain technology providing realtime consensus on aircraft cycles and maintenance routines.

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dublin, Ireland

Founders: Gerry Hanratty & Ebad Ali

Staypal help accommodation providers to increase ancillary revenue by making guest services available online 24/7.