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Airside management

dublin, Ireland

Founders: Steve Mc Ginley

Airside Management is responsible for managing safety on the roadways, runways, taxiways, apron within and along the airport perimeter. The onus is on airports globally to provide the safe rite of passage for all aircraft during Taxi, Takeoff and Landing. Damage & delay to aircraft due to wildlife represents a $1billion a year problem worldwide. We provide complete technology solutions to assist airports globally to mitigate risk, liability & fatalities.


Lund, Sweden

Founders: Nicolás Jurado Allende

Travel Community that allows people to travel the world by using their talents. A market-place where hosts publish their offer that contains accommodation, local experiences, and a project(s). Travellers apply to their offer of accommodation, local-experiences and work in their project. Travellers exchange their talents for the hosts' offers.

The right talent with the right host.

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Dublin, Ireland

Founders: Derek Corcoran

Flightbuddy is unique in that it provides near real time flight information across all stakeholders; passengers, ground operations, air crew and senior management. The application uses data fed from the airline flight operations system in conjunction with a business rules engine to identify trigger events automatically issuing SMS and Email alerts to the appropriate passengers, ground operations and crew ensuring that there is a connected consistent view of the real time status of flights in the course of irregular operations. Flightbuddy is designed to take full account of the airlines EU261 notification, vouching and communications responsibilities reducing propensity to claim, risk exposure and cost to serve.


Tallin, Estonia

Founders: Rajiv Tayal

OneAire offers integration of NexGen technologies to support the Aircraft Management solutions that provide Flight Crew, Maintenance Engineers, MRO's and Aircraft Leasing and Insurance companies with real-time insight into how their aircraft are being operated and maintained. Using deep data analytics derived through machine learning, OneAire solutions offers the highest level of prediction capabilities needed for effective maintenance based on actual usage. OneAire solutions also helps in substantial reduction of overhead cost and eliminate the need for paper- based record-keeping by converting an Aircraft’s Maintenance Logbook history into a tamper-proof system built on the OneAire upcoming blockchain based maintenance record keeping and tracking solutions.

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Dubai, UAE

Founders: Mohamed Nawaz Tarun Krishna

Trift is a machine learning platform allowing travellers to book experiential trips curated by travellers from around the world. These trips have been customized to meet travellers interests and preferences.



London, UK


Founders: Michal Zieliński

WalkABit rose on the foundation of ideas of geocaching, cashback and blockchai. It combines all of the three worlds in one app that will allow users to earn cash as well as crypto assets by using it. Users can choose to complete different types of tasks, from catching coins, visiting landmarks through using partner services (restaurants, taxis, clubs, festivals) in order to receive either FIAT or crypto assets as revenue.

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Atlanta, USA


Founders: David Hailey & Rob McFadden

Inventory counting is a very manual process, especially within the travel industry. The industry loses $100's of millions annually due to inefficient inventory processes, waste and shrink. Countalytics can solve this problem through our easy to use visual recognition and machine learning process. 

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Drone Consultants Ireland


Founders: Ian Kiely

IWe provide support services and equipment to emergency services, government entities and private clients. More recently we have been developing concepts and performing complicated and often dangerous drone operations with full permission and support from the IAA. We hosted 2 X Drone Expos in the RDS and have secured a position as pioneers of the Irish and European drone industry. We are regularly invited to make presentations and collaborate on the path of future technologies. 

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Dubai, UAE

Founders: Akansha Das, Aman Shaikh & Yashodhan Naik

NaviFly is building NaviATC to bring the future of everyday logistics and transport closer. A technology and infrastructure company, we will use that same technology and infrastructure that is going to catalyse the growth of the drone and AAV market, which will ensure that drones and other AAV's will safely operate at optimal efficiency and scale. NaviFly achieves this is by connecting all types of aerial vehicles into one network, decentralising the data (Blockchain/Tangle Technology), thus organizing the Drone air traffic. NaviFly stands for providing an end to end service around the AAV logistics and transport.


Co. Clare, Ireland

Founders: John Roberts & Sheelagh Brady

S-MAN will offer employers, a platform that ensures greater compliance with duty of care obligations and will improve business continuity if an incident arises. Operationally, it will enable monitoring of staff, the issuance of real time alerts to a single user or to a group and direct messaging through a single communications system, all fully encrypted. For the employee, the platform will provide real time, geographically specific security information, instructions on what to do if a situation were to occur and will allow the traveller to activate an ‘emergency alert’, providing peace of mind when travelling. . We intend to use our extensive security and risk management experience to embed the use of this system within the business culture.

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Los Angeles, USA

Founders: Saritta Hines

TrustaBit is a flight disruption management solution that helps airlines harness the power of blockchain and smart contracts to improve the passenger experience.


Krakow, Poland

Founders: Navit Reid

WANDA is the only travel tool that gives personalized recommendations based on the places your friends have already been to, and that lets you find, organize, and use trip ideas in one app. Similar to Pinterest for travellers, we connect travellers with local businesses, while generating valuable data on current travel trends.